Kimberly Wild Oliveira

digital design + web development

Branding + Collateral


worthwild is a small woodshop that produces cabinet doors, custom closet doors, and libraries.

The brand was born out of the artist’s vision for a cube; the endless possibilites of 3-dimensional space and light.

Setting the business cards apart from the rest is a custom cut corner, pronouncing the cube’s edge.

A small square brochure which folds out to a larger square, emphasizes the unique nature of the company.

PMS 2925


Wag-A-More is a dog walking service of Cape Cod based in Sagamore, MA.

Branding, Business Card, Flyer


Tippingpoint Labs

Tippingpoint Labs is a Boston based, strategic content marketing agency focused video, web, and digital.

Website design + front-end development, Business Card, Stationery.


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erin condron interiors

erin condron interiors is a full service interior decorating firm based in Boston, MA. Erin's modern and creative style is expressed with clean typography and subtle patterns.

Branding, Website design + development, Business Card, Stationery.

Ostrich Sans

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High West Capital Advisors

High West Capital Advisors services the Western Region of the US. Bold colors mimick the area's natural landscape and culture.

Branding, Business Card, Letterhead.

Primary: PMS 476
Secondary: PMS 7718, PMS 470, PMS 465
Mido, Meta

LLH Connect

LLH Connect is a social media management company helping small business use social media to increase revenue.

The brands playful colors and shapes represent the connections and relationships built through social media.

Branding update, Business Card

Apex Sans


fleurish is a small gardening company based in Marblehead, MA.

Type treatment of logo creates a grassy texture on the business cards. Bold photography and a simple flowing design display their work online.

Branding, Collateral, Website Design + Development.

PMS 363

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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions delivers personalized meeting and incentive programs.

The circles in the logo gradually darken, signifying the continual effort between staff and clients.

Business card, letterhead and brochure all embrace clean and modern design using one corporate color.

PMS 7468
Apex Sans

home restoration services

hrs is one of several branches of 24hrs Inc., a home services company which works closely with Home Depot.

The logo was created to blend with the well known Home Depot brand and it’s established 'Get it Installed' brand.

Collateral, Brochures, Signage, Ads.

PMS 165
Franklin Gothic

Brochures + Magazines

Award Winning
Video Brochure

Collaborated with Universal Wilde to create a series of Video Brochures. Ended up taking the gold at the Communicator Awards!

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Trade Shows


Big thanks to Raj Das and Tara Hall for the photos

Video Graphics

Web Ads



For the past 20 years, my art direction, digital design and web development have brought success to global publishers, content marketing firms, corporate creative services and my favorite, local start-ups.

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